Both customers and vendors can easily obtain market data through the use of what we call an MDS, or Market Data Summary.

An MDS includes the information used by a real estate professional to support the value conclusion(s) in their valuation report whether it be an appraisal, broker price opinion, or evaluation. This information includes sales comps, lease comps, cap rate, and other pertinent information.

If requested by a Customer, the Vendor will be required to complete a Market Data Summary when submitting their report in Brilyint. Once the customer confirms that the data in the MDS is what was actually used in the valuation report, both parties will be credited a portion of the transaction fee they were charged.

Example of a Market Data Summary

Sharing Comps Grows Your Database

Why Should I Participate?

Well for saves you money! In addition, every time one of your comps is used in another MDS within Brilyint we’ll add those comps to your database. In other words...your comps database will continue to grow over time.


We’ll also be rolling out subscription plans to our property and comps data so stay tuned!